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Wild Nature

become the vision

As GRDC’s CEO and majority shareholder I envision a group of investors who are seen as the financial

backbone behind GRDC’s world-wide action-based movement to solve tree supply internationally

through the commercial introduction of floating fields patented technology/processes through family

sector and corporate sector licensing, and government and multi-lateral contracts.

The same investors will be seen as the financial backbone of Green Research & Discovery Corps’

aggressive and lean world-wide research and innovations in plant production, live plant storage, field

planting, and exciting phytoremediation applications resulting in additional patents and new licensing


I envision a fair return for all investors with extra-special consideration for investors who contribute

during critical launch periods.

The Mission


Recruite investors who share our aggressive global vision.


Provide special annual dividends and annuities for investors during launch periods.


Develop Investor Visibility Strategy including but not limited to:

  •  Recognizing investors (who wish recognition) in GRDC/HELP professional journal co-publication

and web-site

  • Opportunities for major investors to visit GRDC licensed floating fields around the world


Develop opportunities to incorporate investor expertise, talent and connections


Commit to aggressive world-wide launch of the patented technology/process and to site/service

contract services


Creatively explore apparatus manufacturing and/or marketing of apparatus manufacturing licensing

as part of new revenue stream created by vertical integration.


Commit to continual development of GRDC world-wide network of licensed research assistants who

will protocol thousands of new plant varieties in the floating fields system which in turn creates new

licensing opportunities for GRDC.


Develop a world class executive team to fulfill the highest expectations of the company consisting of

the CEO; International Development Business Development V.P.; Canadian and International Research

Coordination V.P.; Finance V.P.; and Head of Logistics.


Commit to social good: GRDC will continue to provide free license to the Canada based non-for-profit

charity HELP International to produce trees using the floating fields patented technology/processes.

GRDC will also allow our charitable partner HELP International to benefit from select contract

opportunities internationally.

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