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The Floating Fields Invention

Black Water

What is Significant about this Discovery? 

  • This is a scientific breakthrough “not based upon current understanding of tree and plant production” according to industry leaders.  

  • Profoundly lowers the cost of tree and plant production by severally eliminating greenhouses,  irrigation technology, ventilation, shading, water purification, ph balancing, fungus control, winter heating, indoor plant storage. 

  • Profoundly lowers plant production costs additionally by:reducing water consumption by up to 93% compared to conventional greenhouses reducing labor by 98% in the critical 90 days from planting cutting or bareroot seedling in nursery till field ready harvest. 

  • Profoundly lowers cost of plant storage by allowing trees and perennial plants to remain in floating fields for months or years till trees are required for customer use.  

  • Multi-year live storage in low-cost outdoor water bodies allows for large capital accumulation of  millions of trees with low to zero maintenance.

  • This discovery will result in 400 to 500% more trees planted on the planet over the next two decades due to ease of access to trees.

  • Subsequent research by GRDC has shown the utility of floating fields for production of grains (rice, wheat, oats),  oil seeds (flax, canola), industrial production of  tomato seedlings and other vegetable seedlings.

  • GRDC research in Asia and Africa have shown exciting applications for cocao, oil palm and many other tropical trees and forbs.  




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