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 Invest in Green Research and Discovery Corperation


By investing in Green Research & Discovery Corp you receive a guaranteed return on your investment while : 

  • Bringing new low-cost tree and plant production and live storage technology to the world

  • Funding valuable ongoing environmental research on five continents around the world

If you decide to sell your shares at any time, in addition to the two dividend payouts per year, you can sell your shares at any price (willing buyer willing seller) but with rights of existing shareholders in order of equity position to match any competing offers. 

Green Research & Discovery Corp is providing premium to Green Investors in 2021 with exclusive 1.5% Annuity.

GRDC offers you the opportunity to receive similar to bank savings rates plus  regular profit dividends while supporting the greatest innovation in tree and plant production in the past half century. 

The corporation is valued at $3,000,000 as of March 30, 2020.    

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